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Changing your body is hard, right? When you feel like you’re at the bottom of Mount Everest looking up, listening to guys like me preach on social media about health and transformation can almost turn you off.

And that’s why I wanted to come down off my high horse and share with you my personal story.

My story of being a failure; My story of feeling like crap and wanting to quit…

And what I did to change it all, forever…

It’s a story about how I am no different to you and despite what you see, how I face the same mental battles.

This is the true origin of Cut The Gut and why I feel it’s my mission in life to coach what I have learned.

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Cortisol - The Stress Hormone

You’ve got into healthy eating patterns, you’re now exercising frequently but the weight doesn’t seem to be moving? You’ve followed the advice and it isn't working? I want to give you a tip off as to what it could possibly be that’s holding back your results…

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Face Masks... For Blokes!

Just so you know, I fully expect to cop it for this post! I expect all the manly men out there to blow up and say "pffft, you'll never catch me doing that shit! I'm a real man!"

But before you comment fellas, I want to ask you a quick favour. Head into the bathroom and look closely at yourself in the mirror. Really inspect your face close up... Notice anything? 

How about those tiny little black dots that are right across your nose - what are they? Well my masculine friend, they are blackheads!

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Living With Depression: A Candid Interview

A few week's ago I had the pleasure of interviewing a really tough bloke. A bloke that I have known for 20 years but not spoken to in a while. It's funny hey, you're so busy dealing with your own shit that you just don't even comprehend how tough some other people have it and what battles they're facing. 

Cliffy, my mate, is the perfect example of the private battles people face when on the surface, everything seems A-OK. According to statistics from Beyond Blue:

  • 45% of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime; 
  • In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety. 
  • Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44, with around 2,500 people dying by suicide every year. That's 8 people EVERY day! 

Depression, anxiety and suicide is non-discriminatory and affects people from different of age, gender, sexual preference, race and wealth groups. Perhaps this is the reasons why tacking the issue is such a massive challenge and one which clearly has a LONG way to go.

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100 Things To Do Instead Of Watching TV

Television Viewing: So What?

What's the issue with a little relaxation? Short answer is... nothing. The issue is when relaxation is synonymous with watching television for hours on end. Why? Because:

  • 62.8% of Australians are overweight or obese; that's close to 2/3 of us;
  • 27.5% fit the 'obese' category;
  • The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing steadily, up from 56.3% in 1995;
  • Men struggle with weight management at higher rates than women: The latest stats show overweight and obesity affects 69.7% of men compared to 55.7% of women.

It's fairly well known that the build up of body fat, particularly around the abdomen where men store it, is linked with many diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes and arthritis. This concerns me...

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Had A Big Weekend? Now What?

You're rolling around in bed like a worm giving birth. Your head is pounding like a jackhammer as you repeat to yourself 'NEVER...DRINKING...AGAIN!'

You celebrated a bit too hard or maybe if you are like me, you just had a 'lads weekend'. No, no strippers and debauchery. Just hitting the ethanol a little too hard and mixing it with little to no sleep. You've done it before and you'll do it again and you know what? That's ok.

But now it's Monday morning and getting back to your otherwise healthy life is now the priority. So here are my best steps to jumping back on the horse after a big weekend. 

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You, The Loo and Your Number 2’s

This is sure to be a ‘crappy’ entry! – Poo – what a ‘shitty’ topic! – The sentiment of this post really ‘stinks’.

There we go! Now the potty humour is out of the way, we can have a serious discussion on what is so often a topic brushed off as the ‘butt’ of a joke (ok, sorry, that’s all). Digestive health is one of those taboo topics that people know about but don’t really like to talk about openly. I find this veil of secrecy and embarrassment so ridiculous given that everyone farts and everyone poos. The aim of this post is simply to shed light on a topic that has for too long been banished to a quiet place.   

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Why Watch Your Wee?

 Everyone knows that your supposed to drink two litres of water a day.  You've be told that by your mum since you were 7 years old so if it's not locked into that skull of yours by now, it'll never be! So why is it that despite knowing the rule, you've for so long neglected to follow it? Well I am here to tell you that as always, mumma really did know best. 

I do not routinely hangout in bathrooms waiting for the next guy to join me at the cubicle so I can check out his pee! Fair to say, that would be creepy. Yet I will say that in times gone by when I am going about my own leaky business, the very communal nature of the urinal makes it almost impossible to not pass judgement.

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The First of Many...

For as long as I can remember, I've had a craving for getting my hands on information surrounding health and wellness. Whether it's nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep quality, mental health, meditation or any other subcategory of this larger realm, I'm into it!

My addiction here stems from my belief HEALTH is the key to HAPPINESS. It's that simple...

It seems that as the world has become closer, we have actually gotten further away. Social media for all of its strengths is at the root of what I believe to be a global crisis. The crisis being that we have stopped meeting for coffee. A crisis where twenty 'likes' on Facebook takes the place of a phone call to say 'I love you and miss you, friend.'

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