The First of Many...

For as long as I can remember, I've had a craving for getting my hands on information surrounding health and wellness. Whether it's nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep quality, mental health, meditation or any other subcategory of this larger realm, I'm into it!

My addiction here stems from my belief HEALTH is the key to HAPPINESS. It's that simple...

It seems that as the world has become closer, we have actually gotten further away. Social media for all of its strengths is at the root of what I believe to be a global crisis. The crisis being that we have stopped meeting for coffee. A crisis where twenty 'likes' on Facebook takes the place of a phone call to say 'I love you and miss you, friend.'

One of the key factors in an individual’s self-stated level of happiness is the depth of their social and family network. Having a supportive environment, people to turn and talk to is a true wealth that cannot be measured in dollars. Happy, healthy people are constantly enriched with the givings of that environment and thereby give back to that environment in a positive manner.

The real purpose of my blog and website greater is to give back. To strike up a conversation that involves what I and the statistics indicate is an 'at risk' group. No I am not talking about some far out, disadvantaged community in Africa or a small subsection of the population that nobody can identify with.

I am talking about MEN.  

The real purpose of this initiative is to get men involved in the conversation. I will start with my mates (yes, including those that I've let Facebook be our main communication medium for too long). I hope to expand this in a big way and get us blokes conversing with each other and requesting information that you feel would benefit you.

I certainly do not propose to be the expert of all fields but what I have learned in life is this - that being resourceful is much more important than having the resources. It all starts by having a discussion.

I discussion that exists beyond the realms of Facebook only. Hopefully I can contribute to that discussion in a small way...