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Changing your body is hard, right? When you feel like you’re at the bottom of Mount Everest looking up, listening to guys like me preach on social media about health and transformation can almost turn you off.

And that’s why I wanted to come down off my high horse and share with you my personal story.

My story of being a failure; My story of feeling like crap and wanting to quit…

And what I did to change it all, forever…

It’s a story about how I am no different to you and despite what you see, how I face the same mental battles.

This is the true origin of Cut The Gut and why I feel it’s my mission in life to coach what I have learned.

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Why 'Weight' For Good Sleep?

In my eBook, 'The 14 Non-Diet Fat Loss Hacks', I discussed how being tired and under-slept can cause you to gain weight. The disturbance to both our physiology and psychology when we are fatigued often leads to us craving high-energy junk foods and feeling super-sluggish. This is the perfect recipe for weight gain and all the associated lifestyle conditions that flow from there. Yep, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and many more. 

But it turns out that that tiredness not only causes weight gain and a bursting belly, but the reverse it also true. Weight gain actually causes tiredness, more specifically, fatigue directly due to poorer sleep. That's a classic definition of a vicious cycle. 

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The Motivation to Change - Part 2

Your first steps back into the world of physical activity can be scary and I think this is possibly one of the hardest steps you have to take to start the journey of change. I was no different when it came to taking it. You can become frozen by negative thoughts and at that point, the sofa and Xbox basically grow very welcoming arms.

So which step do you take? How do you choose between the infinite ways to get off the sofa and out of your comfort zone?

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The Motivation to Change - Part 1

April 2014… couch, crisps, and Facebook whilst awaiting the ding of the oven timer for another deliciously orange-coloured meal of chips, southern-fried chicken and baked beans. A meal surely covering all bases on the carbs, protein, and veg front? I’m casually scrolling through the many insane pictures and musings that Facebook regurgitates when my eyes lock onto a photo of me looking like what can only be described as a fat, retired WWF wrestler. No offence meant to wrestlers out there.

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