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Do you ever feel like there is something missing in the approaches you see on social media? I mean, will "getting jacked" in its exclusion ever really bring you total happiness?

While physical health is important, it's only one aspect of The Mentored Method approach. True health is experienced when you attend to all 8 aspects of the the health sphere. 

As men, this is perhaps a foreign concept as we're constantly told to 'man up'. But this suppression causes depression and ill health. 

But there is another way. An approach that fits the challenges of the modern man and sees health from a more holistic viewpoint. 


The Beginner Program CONSTRUCT and the Experienced Program ELEVATE are a proven blueprint for massive change. Powered by The Mentored Method, you will learn the tools for total and permanent transformation. 

This is no quick-fix diet job. 

Embedded in these programs are 25 educational videos, lifting logs to track your data and access to 300+ instructional clips to guide you through the movements. 

There is no more comprehensive guide on the web.

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Completely confused about what to eat? I don't blame you with all of the misinformation out there.

That's why I wrote Bloke Can Cook. 

Contained in 130 pages is the blueprint for staying toned and trim. You'll get: 

  1. The 'Tool Box' Talk: A simple overview of nutrition to help clear up the confusion; 
  2. A 'Build Plan': A comprehensive plan for constructing your Nutrition Blueprint from shopping list to cooking methods; 
  3. A Culinary Bible: Over 50 fresh, healthy 'go to' recipes that you can execute now. 

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