This whole Men's Health project was born out of my desire to help every day men feel better on every level. Yes physically, but also from an emotional and psychological standpoint because they're the elements we've been conditioned to ignore. It wasn't until I started receiving multiple email requests for advice on nutrition, training and overall lifestyle that I realised, people wanted to talk to real people. There is so much crap information out there that it's hard to tell the good from the bad. People that know me, know that I practice what I post. I'm not preaching some unrealistic BS - this is what I do, every day, that keep's me fit, healthy and energetic. 

The advice that I offer stems from my degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, and qualifications in Personal Training. I've spent years experimenting on myself and have extensive experience in coaching other blokes on how to improve their health and in turn, optimise their life. I know what works and what doesn't. I am passionate employing realistic, real-life strategies that are sustainable in the long-term without making you feel like you've sold your soul. 



Michael Jordan had a coach. Barack Obama has a coach. Richard Branson has a coach. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a coach. Healthy, successful people have coaches...

I prefer the term "coach" to the more formal "consultant" or "practitioner" because it better captures the essence of what I am all about - EMPOWERMENT! A great coach will inspire and provide the catalyst for you to change yourself rather than "force feed" you a prescription that you resent a few weeks later. 

Sometimes we require a push in the right direction and our need for a "coach" arises from one of two reasons:

  1. You feel you do not have the knowledge to begin an overhaul of your lifestyle; OR
  2. You do not have the motivation or willpower to kickstart the lifestyle-overhaul process. 

As a University-qualified Dietitian and Cert IV Personal Trainer, I have spent years presenting to companies around Australia on health improvement in the workplace, specifically coaching men in areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep improvement and stress management as means to enhancing their health and everyday vitality. I've helped hundreds of individuals conquer the barriers that stood in their way to feeling better. Yet the whole time I was thinking, "there has to be an easier, more accessible way to achieve this whilst being able to reach & help more people.."


    Are you time poor? Are you a little anxious about change? Would you prefer being in the comfort of your own home and at a time that suits, when it comes to discussing some key lifestyle improvements? I understand this totally! So let's use technology to build a relationship of genuine trust and accountability from anywhere in the world. 

    Skype coaching is no different to seeing a Dietitian in an office or a Personal Trainer in gym, only that it's on your turf so any anxiety is lessened. Don't get me wrong, you'll still need to do the hard work in the gym or kitchen but without needing to call a sick day or book an appointment 3 months ahead. 


      Don't know where to start? Check these recent inboxes I received - the commonality is that we reach a point where we decide that we MUST make a change for the good of our future. This decision comes after months or even years of feeling like shit combined with the inevitable procrastination over the effort that is required to change versus the benefit you stand to gain. Don't wait till you hit rock bottom to start! 

      It's completely natural to feel overwhelmed, we've all been there and you are definitely not alone!

      So here are the areas which I can assist you:

      • Nutritional / Dietary Assessment - Assessing and advising on the areas that need work; 

      • Nutrition Plans - Providing you with guidance on exactly what you should be eating in a manner that includes your favourite foods while also allowing for some indulgence. It's about balance, not deprivation. 

      • Weight Management Plans - Losing or gaining weight is difficult if you don't have the right tools. Customising a plan for you is critical. 

      • Exercise and Activity Plans - do you dread exercise and view it as a chore? Perhaps you're unsure of what you SHOULD be doing to get results. As a PT, I can customise a plan to help you hit your goals and achieve lasting change.

      • Stress and Sleep Management, and General Lifestyle Advocacy - Sleep and stress play a huge role in your overall health, so we will look at how we can optimise these areas in your life. 

      • Motivation and Goal Setting - struggling to get started? It helps to start at your 'why' - so let's get to the bottom of this together! 


      Don't know where to start and need to break it all down? As a bloke, simply discussing your thoughts in a confidential, non-judgmental and open manner is a great starting point! There is little I haven't see before! Outlined below is how we would kick start the process. 


      I find the easiest way to kick things off is to have a brief introductory Skype chat about what you're looking for. By asking a couple of questions and hearing your challenge, I'll be best able to customise a strategy. 

      1. Contact me by clicking the button below or through the contact page; Please outline briefly in the "message" box what your main goals are.
      2. I will email reply with time slot options for our introductory chat; 
      3. Well have our intro and once I'm confident I understand your goals, I'll provide you a proposed action plan including costs. 
      4. We finalise the invoice and the time for our coaching session; 
      5. Let's do this! We tuck into our coaching sessions.

      Most often, follow-ups to the initial session are required if you seriously want to make change and this may mean you're required to complete some "homework" afterward. I will provide any resources via email soon after our initial chat. 



      Firstly, you will know any prices prior to agreeing to the coaching sessions. The aim of me seeking information on your goals during the intro session is to ensure that it is something I am absolutely certain I can help you attack. This is why I do it for FREE!

      I'm focussed on outcomes and my true belief is this - if your health means anything to you, then you'll be willing to invest whatever the service is worth. What is a heathy future worth to you?

      • For my peace of mind, sessions will only proceed when payment has been made; 
      • For your peace of mind, a full refund will be offered should you feel the session provided you with no value. 


      In order to Skype conference, you will require a device that can download the Skype app (laptop, tablet, phone - Mac or Windows) AND a decent internet connection. 

      After you have downloaded the app, set up a free account. You will choose a Skype username that we connect with before the call.  Try to cut out as many distractions as possible, and grab a tea or coffee and a pad to take any notes. Let's maximise our time together. 


      • The session length is pre-agreed and we try to stick to it. Should we together elect to go over-time, please note that we'll need to account for this. 
      • You have the right to stop the session at any time should you so wish. 
      • You have the right to question why I am asking for a certain piece of information if you question its relevance. 
      • You have the right to refuse to do anything I ask of you. This includes tasks between sessions or answering questions. 
      • I cannot guarantee the outcomes of any session as they come down to the actions taken in follow-up. I will absolutely refund if at the conclusion of the session, you feel you were not provided with real assistance. 
      • My position in our relationship is as an educator and process facilitator. However you ultimately hold the power in changing your own life.