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Salmon Bowls

Summer means many, many things to us men. Sunshine, outdoor activities and seafood! Or is the seafood just me? 

When the temperature soars, I love to lighten up my food choices so seafood and salads really seem to fit the bill. There's nothing worse than feeling heavy and bloated when you're at the beach. 

Here I have put together an absolute banger for you - Tomato Mussels and Baked Whole Snapper. It's super-healthy, super-easy and in fact quite affordable to make given this type of meal would probably cost you about $60-70 at a seafood restaurant. Here, you can make it at home for about $35. 

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Salmon Got Speared

I've grown up in a family that eats seafood on a frequent basis. Some of my fondest memories are of Dad taking my brother and I fishing as kids. We'd go out for 5-6 hours and have an absolute ball, whether we caught fish or not. I can also remember Dad going absolutely bananas when our lines got tangled... haha! He hated that but he's calmed down is his old age!

That childhood experience of fishing with the old man gave me an appreciation of two things:

  1. The opportunity we have to be able to source fresh, healthy seafood from our own means and the importance of preserving that opportunity by paying attention to size and quantity quotas. 
  2. That cooking seafood need not be hard at all. While we may pay hundreds to eat at a flash seafood restaurant, often you can cook a fillet of fish at home that is just as delicious, for a fraction of the cost. 

This recipe is an illustration of this. Could it not be any simpler to prepare a healthy, delicious dinner? I think not. 

Salmon is well known as a fantastic protein food to include on a weekly basis. It's heathy fat profile makes it great for the heart and when prepared properly, it's supportive of healthy weight management. Try this one as a quick meal this week; 20-25 minutes and you're done!

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Panko-Crusted Honey Mustard Salmon

So when your mate puts on you at the gym that he's very hungry and has nothing to eat, what do you do? Of course, you offer him dinner at your pad - with one condition: he must cook. 

So in this simple but tasty recipe, I've got hold of my buddy Keil and commissioned him to whip up dinner for the two of us. Like a dancer with two left feet, his cooking skills are moderate at best. But when you cook in JS's kitchen, shit goes down! 

Salmon has got to be my favourite fish. It's proper BANG for the buck. High in both protein and heart-healthy unsaturated fats, it's muscle and brain food. And it's so versatile - this recipe is just the start of my salmon collection! 

Enjoy... J

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