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Berry Bash Bowl

I remember the first "bowl" I ever had was in Bali at the famous Nalu Bowls near Single Fin in Uluwatu. I'd always thought of these as kind of 'girly' but one taste got me hooked. I'd joined the "superfood rebellion". Haha! Not...

I've got to say, I don't really believe in the concept of superfoods being magic silver bullets to health as that little magazine in the Sunday paper may have you believe. I do however believe in nutrient density and the fact that some foods are just packed with goodness if you eat them in their rawest state. 

The thing about acai, chia and other bowls is that in Australia, they cost you and arm and a leg to buy. Interestingly though, when you have the ingredients, they are super easy to make and the PERFECT anecdote for a hot summer day. 

To demo what I mean, check out this simple recipe below...

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