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Home-Made Nut Granola

As we come into summer, we start to move away from hot breakfasts. I always find my hunger drops when it's hot and that's the main reason I tend to be leanest at that festive end of the year! That's despite the beers!

So rather than egg-based breakfasts, I love moving toward cold options like chia bowls or granola and yoghurt. Yet the issue is that many commercial options are loaded with refined sugar and are not that healthy. 

With that in mind, I've put together an awesome, tasty and simple Home-Made Nut Granola recipe just in time for summer. 

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Banana Pancakes

If you like pancakes, this recipe is your friend. It makes delicious, tender and fluffy pancakes and takes only minutes to make. 

My favourite topping is a drizzle of maple syrup and a tonne of sliced strawberries. And if you want to get fancy, a sprinkle of muesli, coconut and cacao sends the taste and sexiness through the roof. 

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