Breakky Stack


I’m getting to the point where going out for breakfast is losing its value! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my coffee dates. Yet the thought of paying $20pp for a brekky that I can whip up at home for the same price or less for three people seems damned. 

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because you can load up knowing you’re going to spend the rest of the day burning it off. This brekky stack isn’t a meal I’d have most mornings but it would be a weekend special on most weekends. I bloody love it! 

Give it a try as it’s as simple as pie! 


1. Grab a large bowel and toss together some chopped avocado with some wild rocket, olive oil and salt and pepper to season.

2. Grab a punnet of cherry tomatoes and some rindless bacon. Remove all of the visible fat. Stick it under the grill on high heat until tomatoes start to split and bacon becomes crunchy.

3. In just a smidgen of oil, fry up some low-fat halloumi cheese on high heat flipping when browned on the first side.

4. Poach up some eggs making sure not to cook too long so they remain runny!

5. Stack up the now deliciously smelling items starting with the rocket and avocado mix, the bacon, the tommies, the halloumi then the eggs on top.

6. IMPORTANT STEP – admire your beautiful brekky stack then mindfully devour and enjoy!


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