eBook - Bloke Can Cook

eBook - Bloke Can Cook

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Bloke Can Cook is an all encompassing, easy-read book on nutrition for blokes. After becoming annoyed at the media-driven, public fixation with diets, Jase felt it was time to preach what he personally practices. 

This eBook outlines the basic position of men's health in the current time - we're fat, stressed and increasingly victim to many preventable, lifestyle illnesses. And rather than prescribing you a diet of fresh air and cabbage soup, Jase identifies the practical strategies you can take NOW to start feeling better - both mentally and physically.  

Buy this book if you are a bloke that cares a little about how you look and feel. Buy this book if you don't want to take your health for granted any longer. Buy this book if you've finally realised that not being able to see your penis anymore due to a protruding gut is neither healthy nor manly. 


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