Baked Salmon and Stir Fry Green


If you live in a small apartment, cooking fish can be a pain in the butt. It’ll leave your house smelling like a co-op and your clothes smelling even worse!

Baking salmon instead of grilling it on the hotplate is the answer. No smoke, no smells, grand taste!

BUT, remember this little tip! Once the fillet is cooked evenly through at about 180-200 degrees (usually 12-15 mins), flick the knob around to grill on high. After two mins, flip the fillet over and give it the same time on the reverse side. This will both crisp up the skin and brown off the fillet and the result is delicious!

Pink fish like salmon and trout is super-high in Omega-3 healthy heart fats and lean protein. Whether you’re looking to pack on muscle or trim down on body fat, salmon with either a summer salad or some wintery veggies is the perfect plan!

Enjoy this bad boy and please SHARE! JS

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