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Coffee-Infused Chia Pods

I love coffee and I'm an advocate of the benefits of caffeine in moderate amounts. Pair it with the delicious texture of chia seeds and you've got the perfect snack or dessert. 

So what are chia seeds? Derived from the South American plant Salvia Hispanica, chia seeds give true bang for their buck in a nutrient sense. In fact, 30g of chia provides around 12g of fibre, nearly 5g of protein and 5g of Omega-3 healthy heart fat! Add to this the fact that they are a super-antioxidant food and at only a moderate calorie contribution, there's a reason why the popularity of this innocuous little bugger has spiked. 

When you see chia pods in a supermarket being charged at around $5 a small tub, it would be right to assume that there's a fair bit to making them. NOT SO! I want you to try making this simple recipe! The chia forms a gel when soaked in a liquid and takes on the flavours of whatever you submerge it in. GET AMONGST!!!

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