Easy Chicken Salad


I have made the point before but I cannot state enough the importance of being prepared when it comes to eating healthy. Doing a weekly shop and dedicating 30 minutes to preparing your weekly meals will be a very worthwhile investment.

Here’s what I do every Sunday night…

  1. Whip together a salad of some description and season with a little salt and pepper. Drizzle with a some extra virgin olive oil. Keep the salad varied each week so you don’t get bored. Ensure you make up enough to last a few days so you don’t have to dedicate time to preparation every night.
  2. Package the salads into a Lock and Lock container (http://www.locknlock.com.au). These are bloody brilliant at preventing your lovely lunch from leaking through your bag. I cannot recommend them enough.
  3. In a tiny amount of oil and a good whack of garlic, stir-fry up some chicken, pork, beef or fish until browned. Place in a container but allow to cool before putting it in the fridge.

That’s it! Now come Monday morning, while your colleagues are eating cheese sandwiches for lunch, you’ll be chowing down on a delicious chicken salad. It’s high in protein due to the chicken and contains plenty of good fat in the oil and avocado.

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