Skype Coaching Sessions

Skype Coaching Sessions


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Jase's expertise lies in the following areas:

  • Nutritional / Dietary Assessment - Assessing and advising on the areas that need work; 

  • Nutrition Plans - Providing you with guidance on exactly what you should be eating in a manner that includes your favourite foods while also allowing for some indulgence. It's about balance, not deprivation. 

  • Weight Management Plans - Losing or gaining weight is difficult if you don't have the right tools. Customising a plan for you is critical. 

  • Exercise and Activity Plans - do you dread exercise and view it as a chore? Perhaps you're unsure of what you SHOULD be doing to get results. As a PT, I can customise a plan to help you hit your goals and achieve lasting change.

  • Stress and Sleep Management, and General Lifestyle Advocacy - Sleep and stress play a huge role in your overall health, so we will look at how we can optimise these areas in your life. 

  • Motivation and Goal Setting - struggling to get started? It helps to start at your 'why' - so let's get to the bottom of this together! 


I find the easiest way to kick things off is to have a brief introductory Skype chat about what you're looking for. By asking a couple of questions and hearing your challenge, I'll be best able to customise a strategy. 

  1. Contact me by clicking here or through the contact page; Please outline briefly in the "message" box what your main goals are.
  2. I will email reply with time slot options for our introductory chat; 
  3. Well have our intro and once I'm confident I understand your goals, I'll provide you a proposed action plan including costs. 
  4. We finalise the invoice and the time for our coaching session; 
  5. Let's do this! We tuck into our coaching sessions.

Most often, follow-ups to the initial session are required if you seriously want to make change and this may mean you're required to complete some "homework" afterward. I will provide any resources via email soon after our initial chat. 

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