One Arm Cable Front Raises

Shoulders - Standing One Arm Cable Front Raises

  1. Set the cable level closest to the ground, pin a suitable weight and position yourself adjacent to the stack.
  2. Take hold of the cable handle with the hand that is closest to the stack, palms facing downward. You should be facing outwards from the stack so that the cable handle moves up and away from your body when you lift. Your arm is extended and at the side of your body. This is your starting position.
  3. Keeping your core tight, your torso straight and feet flat on the floor, raise your arm upward and outwards in front of the body over 1-2 seconds until it is parallel to the floor. Breathe out as you lift and pause at the top for a second. Keep a slight bend in the elbow and position your non-lifting arm on your hip, chest or a bench to stabilise yourself. 
  4. Lower the palm back and down over 1-2 seconds as you breathe in and return to the starting position. Position yourself far enough away from the stack so that when you return to this position, the weight does not become stationary on the stack. This maintains the tension on your shoulder muscle.