Inverted Smith Machine Leg Press

LEGS - Inverted Smith Machine Leg Press

  1. Load a suitable weight and adjust the position of the Smith Machine bar to about hip height. Take position laying underneath the bar with your back flat on the floor and arms outstretched to the sides to aid your balance. Your legs are elevated and the bar sits on the middle of your foot undersides. Push the legs out to full extension and unhinge the bar in preparation for the descent. This is your starting position. 
  2. Keeping your core tight and your back against the floor, lower the bar down toward the body by bending at the knee and inhaling through the movement. Make sure the descent is slow and controlled. 
  3. Once you have reached the point where your thighs are as close as you can take them to your chest, you can then commence the press phase. Exhale and drive up from the thighs, glutes and hamstrings back to the starting position.